Early Massachusetts Reports: volumes 1-261

Early Mass. Reports volumes are available online through Google Books, but they're not always easy to find. The Trial Court Law Libraries have compiled this list to save time for legal researchers.

Table of Contents

Note about Mass. Reports

Cases only

Cases published in Massachusetts Reports vols. 1-477 (1768-2017) are available through Harvard Law School's Caselaw Access Project.

This resource provides cases only and does not include full book content, such as supplements and indexes, that are published in each volume.

Full volume

Google Books provides full volume scans of Massachusetts Reports, which include any supplemental portions published in the book. Links to full volume scans can be found below.

Mass. Reports volumes 1-75

Mass. Reports volumes 76-150

Mass. Reports volumes 151-225

Mass. Reports volumes 226-261

Volumes 276-300

Not yet available

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