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Guide Guide for Reporting time on a Time Collection Device (TCD)

The following information is designed for users who use a Time Collection Device (TCD) to report time.

Table of Contents

TCD Overview Poster

Recording Leave Time with a TCD

Time Reporting Codes used for Time Collection Devices

TRC Short Description Long Description
BLD Blood Donation Approved Blood Donation Leave
BRL Bereavement Leave Approved Leave for the Death of a Family Member
CDP Charge Duty Diff @OT Premium Differential Pay for Charge Duties (nurses)
CDS Charge Duty Diff Str Straight Differential Pay for Charge Duties (nurses)
CIH Comp In-Lieu of HLN Comp Time used (earned in lieu of holiday)
CMT Comp Time Taken Comp Time used (earned in lieu of overtime)
HLN Holiday Pay Normal Holiday taken on observed holiday
HLP Holiday Extra Day Paid Work on holiday or holiday falls on day off
HWC Holiday Comp Time Earned Comp Time Earned for working an observed holiday or holiday falls on day off
JDP Jury Duty PD Approved Leave for Jury Duty
PBT Paid Break Time Combining Paid Break with Unpaid Meal
PER Personal Personal Time (Must have available balance)
PLC Professional Development Approved Professional Development Leave
SIC Sick Sick Time (Must have available balance)
SIF Sick in Family Sick Time for Family Illness
VAC Vacation Vacation Time (Must have available balance)

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TCD Employee Verifying your reported hours in SSTA

Important Reminders:

  • As a Time Collection Device (TCD) user, you have the ability to log into Employee Self-Service to view a ‘read only’ copy of your timesheet to verify your time reported for the current week.
  • You are not able to edit the Employee Self-Service read only timesheet. If corrections are needed on your timesheet, please notify your time approver. Your approver can perform the necessary corrections on your behalf.
  • If you need to reset or have forgotten your Employee Self-Service password, please contact the MassHR Employee Service Center (ESC). If your Agency is not supported by the ESC, please contact your Agency Human Resources/Payroll Department for password reset and questions about time reporting.
Step Action
1. Log in to Employee Self-Service with your User ID and password. Your initial User ID is your six digit employee ID plus the last four digits of your social security number. Once logged in to the system, you will be prompted to choose a new password and answer a security question for authentication purposes.
2. Once logged in, the Employee Self-Service homepage will display. Click on the TIMESHEET link located in the QUICK LINKS box.
3. Your timesheet will display. You will only have access to review your timesheet for the current week. Review your reported time for the week including your IN, MEAL OUT, MEAL IN, and OUT times.

As a reminder, SSTA automatically calculates shift and weekend differential based upon your IN and OUT times listed on your timesheet. Ensure that your reported hours and scheduled hours at least match by reviewing the Reported and Scheduled Hours information located on the top portion of your timesheet. Hours over your scheduled hours will be calculated as Comp Time, Overtime, or Uncompensated (Unbudgeted) time based on your agency business practice. If you are unsure how extra hours will be reported, you must contact your agency Human Resources/Payroll Department for further clarification.
4. Review the STATUS column on your timesheet to determine if your reported time has been APPROVED, or is still in NEEDS APPROVAL status.
5. If you need to correct something on your timesheet, please contact your approver who will fix your timesheet on your behalf.
6. Below your timesheet is the LEAVE/COMPENSATORY TIME tab which shows your available Personal, Sick, and Vacation leave balances complete with Comp (if applicable). Please take a moment to review your leave balances.
7. After your have reviewed your timesheet, please click on the SIGN OUT link to log out of Employee Self-Service.

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