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Guide Help Steward or Build a DCR Trail

DCR has over 3,000 miles of woodland trails, paved shared use paths, and forest roads that provide the people of Massachusetts access to our stunning state parks and forests.

Table of Contents

DCR Trail Proposals

DCR benefits from partnerships in many ways, including the maintenance and enhancement of trails on DCR properties.  In this partnership, communication and working together is key, to ensure that trails remain sustainable and do not negatively impact the Commonwealth's natural resources.  Any trail work that takes place on DCR land must be formally approved by DCR staff.  This is accomplished by submitting a completed Trail Proposal Form to DCR.  The form must be reviewed and signed by DCR staff before any work can begin.

If you are a DCR partner, or would like to be, and are interested in working with DCR on a trails project, please download the form that corresponds with your project and follow the directions to submit to DCR for agency review.  If you have questions, please begin by contacting Jenny Norwood, DCR Director of Partnerships at

For projects involving natural surface trails such as hiking, mountain biking, or cross-country skiing, please fill out the Woodland Trail Proposal Form.

Download the DCR Woodland Trail Proposal Form 

For projects involving shared use path project development, feasibility, design/engineering/permitting, construction, or maintenance, please fill out the Major Trail Proposal Form.

Download the DCR Major Trail Proposal Form


Partnering with DCR

DCR partners with hundreds of organizations and individuals in maintaining and stewarding many of our trail systems.  To learn more about partnership with DCR check out our “Volunteers in Parks Program”.

Key Actions for Partnering with DCR

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