Volunteers in the Parks

Volunteers support DCR’s mission to protect, promote and enhance our common wealth of natural, cultural and recreational resources for the well-being of all.

DCR partners with Friends of the Parks groups and other organizations who help manage volunteer activities in DCR parks.  Local park staff can guide you to groups in your area that organize park clean-ups.  You can find a state park here. 

Commit to DCR’s Core Four Principles for State Park Stewardship

There are many ways you can be a good park steward during every visit and share state parks responsibly with others.  Following DCRs Core Four Principles for State Park Stewardship is priority one:    

  • Respect the rules,
  • Share the trails with other park users,
  • Pick up after yourself and your pet; and carry out all of your waste
  • Keep your dog leashed.

Post How You Enjoy DCR Parks Responsibly!

woman in thicket

Share with us @MassDCR on Twitter and Instagram how you promote shared stewardship of Massachusetts state parks.  These special places belong to all of us—so it is up to all of us to enjoy them responsibly now, so we have them for future generations!

Your individual stewardship of DCR state parks makes every day, Earth Day!