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The Veterans Home at Chelsea, formerly the Soldiers' Home, has prepared this guide to help you to learn about our facility and services. Our mission is to provide the best health care possible to eligible veterans who reside in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

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Facility Overview

The Veterans Home at Chelsea is a healthcare complex that provides quality care and residential accommodations for veterans. We are committed to excellence in care for those in need now and in the future. If you would like to tour the facility, please contact our Social Workers to schedule a time for the long-term care units. To schedule a tour of the residential section, please call during business hours.

Lawrence F. Quigley Memorial Hospital

We provide the following services:

  • Long-Term care
  • Skilled Nursing care

Our hospital has been approved by the Department of Veterans Affairs and Public Health for exceptional healthcare services. Our mission is to provide comprehensive care while respecting the needs of our veterans and families. We strive to offer comfort, dignity, and responsive care to all patients while involving them in the care plan from admission to discharge.

Key Actions   for Lawrence F. Quigley Memorial Hospital


The Veterans Home at Chelsea, situated atop Powder Horn Hill, self-sustains a small "city" with its own amenities including a library, dry cleaning, barber shops, an auditorium, recreation rooms, a dining room, and canteen, along with a pharmacy. Catholic, Protestant, and Jewish chaplains, counselors, recreational programs, regularly held beanos and coffee hours, and numerous outside trips are available for the residents. We prioritize the safety and well-being of our residents and have implemented a Campus Police Force, medical emergency alert system, and new fire alarm system to ensure it.

We provide services for veterans free of charge, accepting medical insurance plans, and require disclosure of insurance coverage. If insurance does not cover the service or if the veteran has no insurance, there will be no out-of-pocket charge.

Pastoral Care


The Veterans Home at Chelsea offers denominational services to meet the spiritual needs of our veterans. Service listings are available in the lobby of the Chelsea facility.

Worship Services


  • Sunday, 10:00 am
    St. Michael's Chapel (by QMH)
  • Daily, 11:00 am
    St. Michael's Chapel (by QMH)


  • Friday, 7:30 pm - Quigley Memorial Hospital - Jewish Chapel Room


  • Sunday, 9:00 am - QMH - Interfaith Meditation Room

Chaplain Contacts

  • Catholic - (617) 887-7123
  • Jewish - (617) 887-7125
  • Protestant - (617) 887-7124

Residential Care

The Veterans Home at Chelsea provides residential care for those veterans who can live in an independent setting and who, for social or financial reasons, require minimal assistance with the activities of daily living. Our residential care facilities are located in several buildings at the Veterans Home at Chelsea.

Residential care veterans are provided with a variety of social programs which promotes the overall general state of well-being for all veterans. 

Social Work Services

The Department of Social Work at the Veterans Home at Chelsea is an integral part of the professional services provided to our veterans. Licensed social workers are involved in both the admissions process and the provision of social work services to all veterans at the Veterans Home at Chelsea.

The goal of the Department is to assure that our veterans' rights, personal needs, dignity, and self-esteem are respected and maintained. To that end, services frequently extend beyond our veterans to their families. Social workers are also available to provide outreach services to veterans in the community and in the Department of Outpatient Services who request information regarding health care, long-term care, and a vast array of community resources.

Supportive Care Services

The Veterans Home at Chelsea offers a wide variety of recreational activities that meet the physical, social, and emotional needs of the veterans. These activities revolve around physical group exercise, arts and crafts, bingo, current events, group outings, and many other social functions, including celebrations for all holidays.

Veterans and community organizations are also an integral part of the Department of Recreation at Chelsea. They actively sponsor bingo games, social events, and coffee hours, and regularly receiving our veterans at their individual clubs for social gatherings.

Department Phone Extensions

Phone extensions for other departments at Chelsea may be found below. Please dial our main number (617-884-5660) to access these extensions:

  • Admissions: extension 887-7146
  • Adult Day Care (VA): extension 336-9550
  • Deputy Superintendent: extension 887-7107
  • Finance Office: extension 887-7103
  • Health Information Management: extension 336-9581
  • Medical Director: extension 887-7130
  • Nursing Director: extension 887-7161
  • Operations: extension 887-7170
  • Pharmacy: extension 887-7134
  • Recreation (Hospital): extension 200-4186
  • Recreation (Residential): extension 887-8696
  • Residential Services: extension 887-7154
  • Residential Services: extension 887-7157
  • Social Service: extension 887-7120
  • Superintendent's Office: extension 887-7115
  • Volunteer Services: extension 336-9548

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