Guide MassDEP Source Registration & Greenhouse Gas Reporting

Facilities that meet established regulatory criteria, exceed specific operating parameters, or fall within certain categories are required to file. MassDEP may also direct others to report even if they might not otherwise be required to do so.

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News & Updates

Source Registration (SR) web forms for 2016 - including those for Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions reporting - are now available. Web forms for 2017 and 2018 have not yet been released.

Annual Filers
  • 2016: If you have not yet submitted your SR and/or GHG emissions reports for 2016, please do so as soon as possible. See Extensions below for additional information.
  • 2017: Web forms should be available shortly. If you are required to file for 2017, MassDEP will notify you directly of forms availability and your due date.
  • 2018: MassDEP will make web forms available only after the majority of facilities required to file for 2017 have done so. If you are required to file for 2018, the agency will advise you directly of forms availability. Because MassDEP has imposed reporting delays, the agency will not hold your facility to the regulatory due dates for 2018, but will notify you of a new filing deadline.
Triennial Filers
MassDEP has deferred 2016 triennial reporting to the 2017 reporting year due to delays in web forms availability.

If you have previously contacted MassDEP about eDEP Online Filing bug(s) preventing you from working on or submitting your 2016 SR and or GHG emissions report(s), please continue working with the agency to get your forms submitted. MassDEP will assign you a new due date, as needed, to keep your facility in compliance.

If your last correspondence from MassDEP indicated that the bug(s) you reported were fixed, but you have not yet submitted your 2016 SR and/or GHG report(s), please do so as soon as possible. Please email if your extension date has passed so the agency can update your due date as appropriate.

Regardless of circumstances, you need to submit your 2016 SR and or GHG emissions report(s) as soon as possible.

Experiencing Delays or Difficulties with Printing?

Please see the Printing Guidance: Source Registration/Greenhouse Gas Reporting.

Who Needs to File & When

Source Registration is due annually or every three years, depending on the facility. Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reports are due annually.

Which report(s) a given facility needs to file is determined by established regulatory criteria, operating parameters, or operational categories.

Source Registration

Facilities required to file are those that:

  • Have potential emissions or heat input capacities above thresholds specified at 310 CMR 7.00: Air Pollution Control (see 310 CMR 7.12: U Source Registration),
  • Fall within certain categories (e.g. most incinerators), or
  • MassDEP directs to file even if they do not meet regulatory criteria.
Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reporting

Facilities required to report are those that:

  • Are regulated under Title V of the federal Clean Air Act and Appendix C of 310 CMR 7.00: Air Pollution Control, or
  • Emit more than 5,000 tons per year of Carbon Dioxide Equivalent (CO2e).

In some cases, facilities are required to submit both SR and GHG reports.

A list of all facilities subject to either requirement or both, including their individual filing deadlines, can be found in Additional Resources below. MassDEP also informs facilities of their specific filing deadlines by letter.

Additional Resources for Who Needs to File & When

References You Will Need

Once you login to the eDEP Online Filing system, you will need to enter or confirm information about your facility, its operations and emissions, including the following specific references. Links to all of these references are available in Additional Resources below.

  • Source Classification Code (SCC): Categorizes air pollution sources and associated emission factors, if available.
  • North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Code: Categorizes business activity.
  • Emission Factors: eDEP uses these to automatically calculate combustion unit emissions based on the SCC you enter, or you may perform your own calculations.
  • Greenhouse Gas Emission Factors: Source- and fuel-specific inputs for calculating GHG emissions.
  • EPA Unit Type Code: Identifies the emissions unit activity.
  • EPA Material Type Code: Identifies the material or fuel processed. For fuel burning devices, this code is based on the SCC you enter.
  • EPA Air Pollution Control Device Code: Identifies the control equipment used to achieve emissions reductions.

If your facility has never filed a Source Registration before, it may first need to be added to the MassDEP database. Please email with the facility's name, physical and mailing addresses, federal taxpayer identification number, and contact information. MassDEP will reply with eDEP Online Filing system instructions.

Additional Resources for References You Will Need

How to File

Use the eDEP Online Filing system to submit your Source Registration (SR) annual or triennial report and/or Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG) annual report. Please note that if you are a new eDEP user, you will need to create an account first.

See Additional Resources below for:

  • A Quick Start guide, which is essential reading if you are a new SR and/or GHG filer, and provides time-saving steps for all users.
  • Field-by-Field Instructions on how to complete and file your SR-Only, GHG-Only, or Combined SR/GHG Report.
  • Tips from the Help Desk, including answers to common questions and how to handle unusual facility types and insignificant non-reportable uses.
  • What's New with the SR/GHG Forms, describing changes in the SR-Only, GHG-Only, or Combined SR/GHG reporting packages.

Additional Resources for How to File