Regulation 310 CMR 7.00: Air Pollution Control

These regulations establish emission limits, pollution control standards, and permit requirements for a range of facilities and activities. MassDEP implements these rules to prevent and control air pollution where it originates. This ensures abundant clean air for Massachusetts residents, workers, and visitors.

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Current Regulations

These regulations were last amended in September 2023 (Large Entity Reporting Requirement). MassDEP has proposed additional amendments listed below.

310 CMR 7.00: Air Pollution Control (reflects September 2023 and earlier amendments)

Note: This is an unofficial version of Commonwealth regulations and is posted here for the convenience of the public. It is not an official statement of the regulations.

Closed for comment: 310 CMR 7.02(14)

MassDEP is proposing to amend 310 CMR 7.00 Air Pollution Control to require a cumulative impact analysis (CIA) for Comprehensive Plan Approval (CPA) applications for facilities located in or near environmental justice (EJ) populations.  The proposed CIA requirements are contained in a new section, 310 CMR 7.02(14), and include enhanced public outreach to and involvement of environmental justice populations, assessment of existing community conditions, and analysis of cumulative impacts.

    Closed for comment: 310 CMR 7.74

    MassDEP is proposing to amend 310 CMR 7.74: Reducing CO2 Emissions from Electricity Generating Facilities. The proposed amendments address CO2 emissions attributable to the production of useful net thermal energy by facilities regulated under 310 CMR 7.74.

    • 310 CMR 7.74: Reducing CO2 Emissions from Electricity Facilities Amendments
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    Virtual Public Hearings: February 15, 2023
    Public Comment Period: Ends February 27, 2023

      Closed for comment: 310 CMR 7.24(3)

      MassDEP has proposed revisions to 310 CMR 7.24(3): Dispensing of Motor Vehicle Fuel that would update the list of California Air Resources Board (CARB) Stage I enhanced vapor recovery (EVR) systems and components approved for installation in Massachusetts.

      Recently Promulgated Amendments

      September 2023

      MassDEP promulgated new regulation 310 CMR 7.41: Large Entity Reporting Requirement.

      March 2023

      November 2022

      MassDEP finalized amendments to 310 CMR 7.71: Greenhouse Gas Reporting and 310 CMR 7.75: Clean Energy Standard.

      October 2022

      MassDEP finalized amendments to 310 CMR 7.75: Clean Energy Standard that would provide regulated entities with additional certainty on the need to accelerate the schedule for decarbonizing the electricity supply.

      March 2022

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