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MassWildlife offers a variety of print publications for those interested in learning more about wildlife, insects, plants, as well as rare or threatened species and habitats. NOTE: Some items are available at a discount if purchased in bulk or if you are an educator. Some items are free if picked up at a MassWildlife office , but have a postage fee if mailed.

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Massachusetts Wildlife Magazine

Massachusetts Wildlife Magazine covers

Massachusetts Wildlife magazine is a quarterly publication packed with award-winning articles and photos on the environment, conservation, fishing, hunting, natural history and just about everything relating to the outdoors in Massachusetts.

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BioMap2: Conserving the Biodiversity of Massachusetts in a Changing World, 2010


The Natural Heritage & Endangered Species Program and The Nature Conservancy have recently completed BioMap2, an enhanced biodiversity conservation plan that updates and will replace the original BioMap (2001) and Living Waters (2003) plans. BioMap2 is designed to guide strategic biodiversity conservation in Massachusetts by focusing land protection and stewardship on the areas that are most critical for ensuring the long-term persistence of rare and other native species and their habitats, exemplary natural communities and a diversity of ecosystems. The 60 page summary report is available from the Natural Heritage & Endangered Species Program.

$2.50 to cover the cost of postage, free if picked up at a MassWildlife Office


Birds of Massachusetts: A Checklist

Birds of MA

Massachusetts bird watchers have access to a remarkable variety of habitats from the coast to the mountains. This annotated list of birds is a quick-reference supplement to other field guides and offers information on rarity, nesting status, and seasonal occurrence. The list is also a quick reference for correct nomenclature, taxonomic order, and species codes.

$2.50 to cover the cost of postage, free if picked up at a MassWildlife office


Critters of Massachusetts Pocket Guide

Critters of MA

A perfect gift for the curious youngster or the beginning adult naturalist with an interest in backyard wildlife and beyond. The 4x6 inch pocket guide contains sections on mammals, birds, amphibians, and reptiles. "Critters" provides information about physical features, range, habitat, food, tracks, and much more. The 127 pages are filled with full color images, a ruler for measuring tracks, and a space for notes.



A Field Guide to the Amphibians and Reptiles of Massachusetts

A Field Guide to the Amphibians and Reptiles of Massachusetts

By Peter G. Mirick with Tom French and Jacob Kubel (2016)

This 94-page, 8 3/4 x 6 inch guide features frogs, toads, salamanders, snakes, and turtles found in Massachusetts.

The guide includes detailed species accounts, vivid photographs including some common pattern and color variations, information about reptile and amphibian conservation, and a key to the sea turtles of the North Atlantic.

$10.00 ($8.00 per copy for orders of 25 or more)


Field Guide to the Animals of Vernal Pools

field guide to the animals of vernal pools

by Leo Kenney and Matthew Burne
3rd Edition (2009)

This 77 page,  8 x 5 1/2 inch,  full color field guide provides an excellent reference to the specialized creatures that depend on vernal pools. Beautiful photographs and descriptive text are combined to aid in the identification and study of amphibians, reptiles, and many invertebrates.

$12.00 ($10.00 per copy for orders of 25 or more)


Guide to Invasive Plants in Massachusetts

pdf format of MassWildlife Publication Order Form A Guide to Invasive Plants in Massachusetts

2nd Edition (2008)

This guide is a user-friendly aid to identification of 66 plant species recognized by the Massachusetts Invasive Plant Advisory Group as Invasive, Likely Invasive, or Potentially Invasive in Massachusetts. Importation, propagation and sale of these species is regulated by the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources. Color photos, line drawings, detailed descriptions, and references are provided to assist land managers, gardeners, nurserymen, landscapers, conservationists, and others with accurately identifying these species.

$5.00 ($4.00 per copy for orders of 25 or more)


Massachusetts Homeowners Guide to Bats

Massachusetts Homeowners Guide to Bats

This guide provides information about how to evict bats from your home and how to prevent their return. Detailed diagrams show different methods of exclusion. The guide also gives information on the natural history of bats and bat conservation.

$2.50 to cover the cost of postage, free if picked up at a MassWildlife office


Massachusetts Natural Heritage Atlas

Natural Heritage Atlas

15th Edition (2021)

This Atlas is the product of a statewide revision of Priority Habitat and Estimated Habitat boundaries to reflect the latest state-listed species data, understanding of species biology and habitat requirements, and GIS technology and data.

There are no printed copies or CDs available. The Atlas is available on MassGIS as a downloadable layer and through Oliver.

Printed individual town maps: $25.00


Note: The following towns do not contain mapped habitat in the 15th Edition Atlas: Avon, Chelsea, Everett, Hopedale, Marblehead, Seekonk, Somerville, Southborough, Swampscott, Watertown, Weston, Westwood, and Whitman.

An Introduction to the Threatened Turtles of Massachusetts: Why They Need Our Help!

threatened turtles of Massachusetts


An Introduction to the Threatened Turtles of Massachusetts is a great educational tool for teachers at all grade levels, nature centers, other educational institutions and the general public. This video provides an overview of general turtle biology, the threats that they face and suggests ways for each of us to help conserve Massachusetts' native turtles.

$5.00 (Free for educators)


The Vascular Plants of Massachusetts: A County Checklist CD

vascular plant cd

(First Revision, 2011)

Provides a concise reference work for students of the state's flora. A revision to the first published comprehensive compilation of the state's vascular flora since 1840. Provides current nomenclature for 3293 native and introduced vascular plant taxa, and recognized but unnamed hybrids, found currently or historically in the Commonwealth. Distributions indicate whether a species is considered native or introduced in the county.

$5.00 (CD Only)


MassWildlife Annual Reports

MassWildlife annual reports include information from the Fisheries and Wildlife Board as well as information on expenditures, habitat management, biological projects, education programs, and land acquisitions.

A History of MassWildlife: 1866-2012

This book chronicles the events that shaped the agency from its inception in 1866 as a Fish Commission. Written by retired MassWildlife biologist James Cardoza and published in 2015, this manuscript outlines significant dates; statistics on fish and wildlife populations through time; facts about hunters, anglers, and licenses; stocking data; along with information on staff.


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