Handbook  Unofficial Tenth Edition Base Code Draft (780 CMR)

Tenth edition of the Massachusetts building code will be based on modified versions of the 2021 International Code series

Organization: Division of Occupational Licensure Board of Building Regulation and Standards
Date published: August 5, 2021
Last updated: April 7, 2022

Draft Tenth Edition (Unofficial)

Members of the Board of Building & Standards (BBRS) have voted that the next, edition of the Massachusetts building code will be based on modified versions of the following 2021 International Codes.

·       International Building Code (IBC);

·       International Residential Code (IRC);

·       International Energy Conservation Code (IECC);

·       International Existing Buildings Code (IEBC);

·       International Mechanical Code (IMC);

·       International Swimming Pool & Spa Code (ISPSC); and

·       Portions of the International Fire Code.

Currently, the content of these codes is under review by the BBRS.  The majority of chapters below have been reviewed and tentatively approved by the BBRS for inclusion in the tenth edition.  (The BBRS reserves the right to make additional changes prior to these chapters being finalized, but no further amendments are contemplated at this time.)  Chapters 2, 11, 27, 29, 30, 34, 35 and Appendices A through O are working drafts that have not been fully reviewed by BBRS members and are subject to change prior to final inclusion in the tenth edition draft.  All chapters will be formally presented for comments at up-coming public hearings. 

The posted chapters provide color-coded highlighting to help the reader understand how the tenth edition may differ from the ninth (which is based on 2015 I-Code versions). 

  • Traditional Massachusetts changes (that have been made in the ninth and previous editions) appear in red text;
  • Changes made by ICC from 2015 – 2018 appear in light blue highlighting; and
  • Changes made by ICC from 2018 – 2021 appear in yellow highlighting.

Once final draft content is established, hearings will be convened to allow testimony from the public.  Final content may change based on testimony received as well as BBRS further review.

Please be aware that posted chapters are copyrighted material by the ICC and may not be downloaded, printed and\or reproduced in any manner.  They are posted here for convenience purposes only. 

The BBRS’s primary focus has been review of the IBC.  However, they have also reviewed and approved the IMC and ISPSC absent any Massachusetts amendments.  Interested parties may view the 2021 versions of the IMC and ISPSC (and all I-Codes) @ the following link.


BBRS members will continue to review and post draft chapters over the next several months.  Hopefully, the tenth edition code will be available for use towards the beginning of 2023.

The Department of Energy Resources (DOER) has a parallel code update process to update the existing Stretch Energy Code and develop a new Specialized Opt-in Energy Code. More information about these proposals and a recorded webinar on these stretch energy codes can be found on the DOER webpage here.