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Apply for a crossbow permit

If you have a permanent disability and want to hunt with a crossbow, you can apply for a permit. This is a permanent permit – you will never be able to switch back to conventional archery equipment.
Please allow 10 days to pass before checking the status of your application


The Details   of Apply for a crossbow permit

What you need   for Apply for a crossbow permit

You will need:

  • A hunting/sporting license.
  • A MassFishHunt profile.
  • Written certification from a physician. The physician must explain how the permanent disability affects your ability to operate a conventional bow.

How to apply   Apply for a crossbow permit

Download crossbow permit application. Once completed by you and your physician, mail it to:

Crossbow Permit Application
MassWildlife Field Headquarters
1 Rabbit Hill Rd
Westborough, MA 01581


Next steps   for Apply for a crossbow permit

Checking your application

  • You will NOT receive notification or a hard copy of your crossbow permit.
  • Please allow 10 business days after submitting your application for mail delivery and processing.
  • To check your application status:
    • Log into MassFishHunt
    • Go to My Account
    • Select Active Licenses, Permits & Privileges
    • Select Print Active Licenses
      If your Crossbow Permit has been processed and approved, your hunting or sporting license will read Crossbow Permit.

More info   for Apply for a crossbow permit

The crossbow status will be valid for the lifetime of the applicant. Once you get the permit, you can never use a conventional bow and arrow to hunt in Massachusetts again.

The application is subject to a review by a medical review board. This would be at the expense of the applicant.

Downloads   for Apply for a crossbow permit

Contact   for Apply for a crossbow permit

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