Apply for a Landscape Partnership Grant

This grant can be used for large-scale, joint conservation projects completed in partnership with federal, state, and local governments, as well as non-profit groups.

DCS - Melissa Cryan

The Details of Apply for a Landscape Partnership Grant

What you need for Apply for a Landscape Partnership Grant

  • Appropriate type of appraisals
  • No more than four page Project Narrative that outlines the project
  • Project budget
  • Cover letter from each partner organization
  • Documents that support project quality (ex. forest management plan; documentation of the number of people employed at this site, etc.)
  • Maps of the project location
  • Depending on the type of project, a draft of a(n):

         Conservation Restriction

         Agricultural Preservation Restriction

         Watershed Preservation Restriction

  • Project reviews from the:

    Massachusetts Natural Heritage and Endangered Species Program

    Massachusetts Historical Commission

  • Documentation of land stewardship on past EEA-funded non-profit lands
  • Most recent annual Massachusetts report for all nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization partners


The application page attached below can be used to find details on how to complete each of these documents.

How to apply Apply for a Landscape Partnership Grant

  1. Complete the documentation mentioned above
  2. Fill out the Application Form attached below
  3. Mail one original copy, a second paper copy, and an electronic copy (on CD or pen drive) to:

Melissa Cryan

RE: ENV 19 DCS 06

Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs

100 Cambridge St

Suite 900

Boston, MA 02114

All applications must be received by DCS by 3 p.m. on Thursday, October 18th, 2018

Next steps for Apply for a Landscape Partnership Grant

If Selected

If your project is selected, additional documentation is needed to complete the grant process. This documentation is listed in the application packet.

Municipalities will also need to vote to appropriate the necessary funds.

Downloads for Apply for a Landscape Partnership Grant

Contact for Apply for a Landscape Partnership Grant

100 Cambridge St, Suite 900, Boston, MA 02114
(617) 626-1181