Division of Conservation Services (DCS)

DCS offers grants to municipalities and nonprofit organizations for the acquisition of conservation and parkland, as well as for park renovation and development. DCS also reviews Conservation Restrictions (CR), administers the Conservation Land Tax Credit (CLTC) Program, and supports Conservation Districts.

Contact Us


100 Cambridge Street, 9th Floor, Boston, MA 02114


Denise Pires 617-626-1011

For questions on Conservation Restrictions.

Tom Anderson (617) 626-1013

For questions on the Conservation Land Tax Credit Program.

Melissa Cryan (617) 626-1171

For questions on Conservation Partnership, PARC, and Land and Water Conservation Fund grants, as well as Open Space and Recreation Plans.

Nathaniel Thomas (617) 626-1187

For questions on LAND, Drinking Water Supply Protection, Landscape Partnership, and Small Communities grants.

John Gioia 617-626-1138

For question on Conservation Restrictions


Denise Pires denise.pires@mass.gov
Melissa Cryan melissa.cryan@mass.gov
Nathaniel Thomas Nathaniel.Thomas1@mass.gov
John Gioia john.gioia@mass.gov

Who we serve

DCS is a division of EEA that offers funding to cities, towns, and nonprofit groups so that they can purchase and develop land for conservation or recreation purposes. DCS also provides technical assistance to people interested in CRs, the CLTC program, and Conservation Districts.

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