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Apply for a State-Share Grant

Here you can learn about and apply for the State-Share Grant Program.

Homeland Security State-Share Program

The Details of Apply for a State-Share Grant

What you need for Apply for a State-Share Grant

To apply for funding, you need to review the

and complete and submit:

You may need to provide the following information if your proposal:

If your proposal...

Provide the following...
Improves first response units, towns, regions, etc., ability to share information Interoperable Communications Investment Proposal (ICIP)
Requires the support of another agency Letter(s) of Partnership Support

Entails installation/mounting of equipment, digging and/or disturbing the ground, various training and exercise activities, etc. 

Environmental Planning and Historic Preservation Review (EHP) 


Massachusetts Historical Commission and/or Local Historic Commission Review

Proposed budgets must ensure all costs are allowable per FEMA's federal guidelines:

  • Allowable costs:
    • Planning
    • Operational
    • Equipment
    • Training
    • Exercises
    • Maintenance
    • Management and administration
  • Unallowable costs:
    • Purchasing prohibited equipment
    • Hiring of law enforcement officials
    • Supplanting of funds

Propose projects must comply with the procedures and requirements detailed by:

Proposals are evaluated based on the:

  • Clarity of the project description
  • Detail provided in the project scope and Project Justification
  • Relevancy to the goal(s), objective(s), and implantation step(s) contained within the State Homeland Security Strategy
  • Capacity to support a Homeland Security Grant Program State Priority
  • Ability to measure program outcomes
  • Cost effectiveness, reasonableness, and allow-ability of the proposed project budget
  • Feasibility of a proposed timeline and deliverables

Applicants are encouraged to review the following documents (available upon request from your State Share program coordinator):

  • State Homeland Security Strategy
  • National Preparedness Report

How to apply Apply for a State-Share Grant


You should... By... To...
Email all questions       April 8, 2021

Email applications April 9, 2021

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    Office of Grants and Research
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