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Apply for EEC Professional Qualifications Certification (general applications)

If you want to work in a Large Group child care program as a Teacher, Lead Teacher, or Director, you need a Professional Qualification Certification from the Department of Early Education and Care (EEC), which is also known as the EEC certificate.

EEC Professional Qualifications Certification Unit


EEC Professional Qualifications Unit email

The Details

What you need


In order to apply for EEC Professional Qualifications, you must be working or planning to work in a child care program in Massachusetts to be qualified. You will need: 

  • A completed application packet 
  • Your official college transcript.
  • A copy of your degree if it’s not on your official transcript.
  • A copy of your high school diploma or G.E.D. if you are applying for a Teacher position or if you are under 21 years old.
  • Work Verification Form(s) signed by your supervising Lead Teacher or Director. You cannot verify your own experience or change the signed forms.
  • A copy of your license if you hold a PreK-Grade 3 license from the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (ESE).
  • Your original Child Development Associate (CDA), Montessori Certificate, or Early Intervention Specialist Certificate (Department of Public Health).
  • Your original course certificates that show that your training was approved for continuing education units (CEUs).Professional Development Points or workshop attendance verification are not substitutes for CEUs and won’t be accepted.

Your official transcript, the copy of your degree, or the copy of your diploma must show the date that you got your degree. We will return all original certificates. Please keep a copy of your complete application packet for your records.

How to apply

To apply for EEC Professional Qualifications certification you need to complete the EEC Professional Qualifications Certification application and submit it with supporting document to:

The Department of Early Education and Care Professional Qualifications Certification Unit

51 Sleeper st.

4th Floor

Boston, MA 02210

If your application is complete and you qualify for the Professional Qualifications certification, you will receive your certification in mail. If your information is not completed or you don’t qualify, you will receive a letter explaining why you aren’t receiving a certificate. If your documentation is from a foreign country, the process may take longer.




Department of Early Education and Care - PQ Unit
51 Sleeper Street, 4th Floor, Boston, MA 02210


EEC Professional Qualifications Unit email


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