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Auto Glass Repair Shops NEW License Registration.

Massachusetts requires all glass repair shops be registered.

Division of Standards

The Details   of Auto Glass Repair Shops NEW License Registration.

What you need   for Auto Glass Repair Shops NEW License Registration.

For your convenience online registrations are now available. Click here to start. 

Motor Vehicle Glass Repair Shop Information.


  1. Complete the online registration, submit the $450 registration fee online; major credit/debit cards and electronic check payments are accepted. 
  2. Upload a copy of an original $10,000 dollar surety Glass Shop Bond or letter of credit. Bonds must be executed and sealed by your bonding company. THE BOND MUST BE COMPLETED AND SIGNED. 
  3. Obtain and upload two signed letters of recommendation from either a licensed auto repair shop or a auto glass repair shop, an elected official, or a member of the Massachusetts bar 

Please note: Section 22 of Chapter 208 of the Acts of 2012 listed below pertaining to the registration of Motor Vehicle Glass Repair Shops.

SECTION 22. Notwithstanding any general or special law to the contrary, a registered motor vehicle repair shop, as defined in section 1 of chapter 100A of the General Laws, performing motor vehicle glass repair on the effective date of this act shall not be required to register with the division of standards as both a registered motor vehicle repair shop and a registered motor vehicle glass repair shop.

Fees   for Auto Glass Repair Shops NEW License Registration.

Name Fee Unit
Damage Repair Shop $450 Every 3 years

How to apply   Auto Glass Repair Shops NEW License Registration.

To register in person visit:

Division of Standards

1000 Washington Street, Suite 510

Boston, MA 02118

Please call ahead and request and appointment. 

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Requirements for Motor Vehicle Damage Repair Shops:

Record Keeping

  1. Every registered motor vehicle damage repair shop shall keep, or cause to be kept, a proper record of every motor vehicle that enters or leaves its place of business for repair. A proper record shall include, but not be limited to the following:

    A description of the motor vehicle (year, color, model, mfg.)

    1. The vehicle identification number (VIN)

    2. The date the vehicle was received

    3. The name and residence of the person from whom the vehicle was received

    4. A signed authorization for the work to be performed on the vehicle. Work authorization can be signed by the owner or the owner's authorized representative

    5. A description of all major components parts, motor, transmission, and body parts, and parts for the interior the repair; and a reference to or copy of the purchase invoice for those parts.

    6. A description of the work performed.

      2. All shops must also keep records of purchases of all major components, parts, motors, transmissions, body parts and interiors.

      3. All records shall be kept for a period of 18 months.


  1. No registered motor vehicle shall offer or give any rebate gift, prize, premium, bonus, fee or any other tangible or monetary thing to an insured, or any other person not in the employ of the repair shop, as an inducement to have the repair made at the repair shop.
  2. Every registered shop must include the registration number in all advertisements. Exceptions: (a) Advertisements placed prior to January 1, 1989 and (b) Single-line listings in the yellow or white pages of a telephone directory.
  3. When two or more motor vehicle repair shops are separately identified in a single advertisement, the advertisement must include the registration number of each shop.


Any person violating any of the provisions of Chapter 100A may be punished by a fine of not more than one thousand dollars or by imprisonment for not more than six months, or both. Such fines may be imposed by the Director of Standards in a hearing or in a civil or criminal action brought by the Attorney General. Violation of any of the provisions of Chapter 100A shall constitute a violation of Chapter 93A.

Contact   for Auto Glass Repair Shops NEW License Registration.

1000 Washington Street , Suite 510, Boston, MA 02118
(617) 727-5705


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