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Declare surplus property

Agencies should periodically review their inventory for unwanted or obsolete property such as office furniture, electronics, equipment, etc. Upon identification, items should be reported to the SSPO office for redistribution, sale, or disposal.

State Surplus Property Office (SSPO)

The Details of Declare surplus property

What you need for Declare surplus property

Any property that exceeds the needs of a department shall be reported to the State Surplus Property Office, which will declare that it is surplus property.

Property may exceed departmental needs because it is:

  • Not needed due to staff reduction/transfer or mission change
  • To be replaced
  • Damaged
  • Beyond repair
  • Obsolete
  • An historic artifact

How to request Declare surplus property

Submit completed FORM OSD 25 via email to the State Surplus Property Office at OSD_SSPO@mass.gov.

It is required that all departments sign the OSD 25 Form certifying that all confidential and personal information data has been removed from all surplus and worthless electronic equipment. This includes hard drives, memory cards, subscriber identity module cards, cell phones, fax machines, printers, scanners, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers.


Next steps for Declare surplus property

Declaration of Surplus Property - OSD 25 Form

To declare surplus property, your department must download and complete the Declaration of Surplus Property - OSD 25 Form. Please be sure to include each item's Category, Condition, and Original Value.

For assistance, contact Ted Bunnell (617) 720-3170 at the State Surplus Property Office.

More info for Declare surplus property

Group items in the same category on Form OSD 25. Use a space between categories or submit a separate form for each category. Always use a separate form for items deemed "Salvage" or "Worthless."

Original Value
Please enter the item’s acquisition cost or a best estimate. Whenever possible, it is important to provide a value since receiving parties use this value when entering surplus property into their inventory records.

Condition Codes
Condition codes are used by departments declaring surplus property on Form OSD 25 and these codes are included on the Current Surplus Property Listing. The codes are meant to provide a reasonable description of the general condition of surplus property.

Contact for Declare surplus property