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All death registrations are managed through the Vitals Information Partnership (VIP). Learn how to sign up as a funeral home, crematory, medical facility, board of health, or city/town clerk’s office.
User account processing takes up to 10 business days.

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The Details   of Enroll in VIP as an organization

What you need   for Enroll in VIP as an organization

The enrollment process requires funeral homes, crematories, medical facilities, boards of health, and city/town clerks’ offices to have a signatory sign several agreements and fill out one electronic document in order to use the new VIP Deaths Module.

A signatory for the organization must:

If your organization has multiple locations that are all run under the umbrella of the main organization you will need to fill out a Sub Organization Form XLS listing the primary location and all sub-organizations/locations. A separate User Request Form will need to be submitted for each location to specify which users have access to each individual location. Each individual user will need to fill out and sign a VIP User Confidentiality Form PDF | (DOC).

How to enroll   Enroll in VIP as an organization

The forms required to enroll and important facts about them:

  1. Register a New Virtual Gateway Organization
  2. VIP User Confidentiality Form (UA) Each user is required to sign this form and it should be emailed along with the User Request Form to VIP-Accounts@state.ma.us
  3. VIP User Request Form (URF) This document should be filled out electronically and submitted to VIP-Accounts@state.ma.us by email as an attachment in Microsoft excel format only.  We cannot accept this form submitted in any other manner and it must be submitted by an Access Administrator

If you have any questions, please contact the VIP project team via email: VIP-Accounts@state.ma.us

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Just a reminder: the information collected through the VIP system is highly sensitive; therefore, it is imperative for the appropriate users to sign the legal agreements in order to gain access to the VIP system. User accounts will be created for each username provided to access the VIP system, once the Registry has received all the signed agreements. User account processing takes up to 10 business days.

A brief purpose of each agreement follows:

  1. Register a New Virtual Gateway Organization online form located at https://hhsvgapps03.hhs.state.ma.us/OMS/RegisterOrganization defines the terms that apply to the organization’s access to the Virtual Gateway services.  The signatory level authority at your organization should read and sign the Services Agreement.  In the case of medical certifiers, the certifier should be the signatory and use his/her own name and title as the name of the Organization/Entity. 

The online form also identifies the access administrator as well as the backup access administrator(s).  The terms and conditions listed on the online form describes the responsibilities of the access administrator role such as submitting requests for user account creation, submitting requests for user deactivation, and reporting suspected fraud of the VIP system.  The medical certifier should be listed as an Access Administrator.  The certifier can also appoint anyone else they want as a secondary administrator.

  1. The VIP User Confidentiality Form (UA) describes the terms and conditions for use of the VIP system.  Each user will identify their functional role and agree to the terms and conditions stated on this agreement.  Everyone associated with the VIP system will be required to read and sign the agreement including the access administrators.
  2. The VIP User Request Form (URF) will need to be completed electronically by the access administrator with the details of each user of the VIP system in your organization and this form should be provided via email. This information is required to generate the VIP and VG user accounts. This form will be used in the future when submitting a new request for a VIP user account.  If you are a Funeral Home, please include the license number and license type of each funeral director you enroll in the email.
  3. The Sub Organization Form (Sub-Org) is completed electronically and is used to identify other locations that fall under the umbrella of the parent organization.  You will list the Primary/Parent Organization/Location first followed by each Sub/Child Organization/Location.  In order to add users to each location a separate User Request Form must be filled out and submitted for each individual location.  The Access Administrators listed for the Primary/Parent location will be able to administrate all listed Sub-Organizations.  If you wish to treat your other locations as separate entities, you should skip filling out the Sub-Organization Form and fill out the online form for each individual location we do not recommend this. 


  • Register a New Virtual Gateway Organization – Creates the organization level of the account and designates the administrators of the organization
  • URF – Submitted by an Access Administrator to create users level accounts for the organization
  • UA – VIP User Confidentiality agreement signed by users to prevent abuse of the system
  • Sub-Org – Creates organizational level accounts for any locations controlled by the primary organization

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