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If your municipality qualifies for designation as a Housing Choice Community, it gets exclusive access to a grant program open only to Housing Choice Communities and bonus points or other considerations to certain Commonwealth programs.

McKenzie Bell, Senior Community Grants Coordinator, Community Assistance Unit

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The 2024 Housing Choice Designation Application is now open. Applications must be submitted by 5:00PM on Friday, April 26, 2024.

Before submitting an application, please take the following steps:
  1. Review the PDF of the 2024 Housing Choice Designation Application Sample Form.
  2. Review the most recent 5-year US Census Building Permit Survey Data 2018-2022 for your community. If the BPS matches your building permits, you can use the BPS as record of net new units. If the BPS does not match your local building permit records, you may need proof of net new units from your building permit department.
  3. Decide which category of eligibility you are applying under and, if applicable, if you meet the required 2024 Housing Choice Best Practices.
  4. Confirm if your community has already completed an ADA Self-Evaluation or Transition Plan. If not, an ADA MOU will be needed to be signed if your community receives the Housing Choice Community Designation.

Please be sure to review the entire application and follow all instructions. We are ready to assist in answering any questions.

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5-Year Designation: The Housing Choice Designation lasts 5 years.

Designation Benefits: Designated Housing Choice Communities are eligible to apply for the Housing Choice Grant Program and receive additional benefits from various programs offered by several state agencies in the Commonwealth.

Designation Expiration: All designations start and end on the due date for designation applications. This will ensure that no designated community will lapse in designation until their re-designation application is submitted.

Current Housing Choice Communities: Learn more about the currently designated Housing Choice Communities.

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