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How to Amend Your Certificate of Eligibility

Find information on how to amend your certificate of eligibility.
Processing amendments can take up to 30 days.

DCAMM Contractor Certification Office

The Details of How to Amend Your Certificate of Eligibility

What you need for How to Amend Your Certificate of Eligibility

Before you can request an amendment you must have a current certificate of eligibility.

For contractors most recently certified through the old online system (ePLACE) you must submit a paper amendment request.

How to apply How to Amend Your Certificate of Eligibility

For paper amendments:

Email the request to your most recent compliance officer. 

Next steps for How to Amend Your Certificate of Eligibility

  1. Download the amendment request form

    If you have questions or concerns about your amendment request, you can contact the compliance officer that processed your most recent application.  If you don't remember who it was call the certification office at 857-204-1305.

  2. Select the type of amendment you are requesting

    Amendment type requested: Required documentation that must be supplied
    Add a category of work: Requires additional evaluations
    Increase single project limit: Requires additional evaluations and/or a revised bonding letter
    Increase aggregate work limit: Requires revised bonding letter and/or updated financials or a CPA letter regarding highest 12 month volume of work
    Add Supplier Diversity Office certification: Requires current Supplier Diversity Office certificate
    Extend certificate of eligibility expiration date: Requires an explanation in writing.  NOTE: This amendment will only be granted in extraordinary  circumstances
    Change contractor’s legal name: Requires Secretary of State legal name change amendment
    Change contractor’s mailing address: This amendment is made upon request

    Granting amendments is discretionary.  Contractor must satisfy all requirements in order for an Amendment to be approved and granted.

  3. Submit your amendment request form with documentation

    The amendment request form must be completed and signed by an authorized signatory for the company. Any documents required to support the amendment request must be submitted with the amendment request form.

    You can email the amendment request and the supporting documentation to your compliance officer.

    Don't hesitate to call us if you have questions.

Contact for How to Amend Your Certificate of Eligibility