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How to void a claim

Learn how to void claims using the Provider Online Services Center (POSC) and MassHealth Void Request Form.

MassHealth Customer Service Center for Providers

The Details of How to void a claim

What you need for How to void a claim

You can only void previously paid non-dental and non-pharmacy claims in the following ways:

Here is some of the information you may need.

  • Date of request
  • NPI or Provider ID/Service Location
  • Dollar amount(s)
  • Claim type
  • Provider name
  • Provider address
  • A reason for requesting a void

How to submit How to void a claim

You can void claims individually through the Provider Online Service Center.

If you'd like to learn more about this online process, take a look at this MMIS job aid


Providers who are unable to use the 837 transaction to process voids may use the
paper MassHealth Void Request Form.

To submit a paper void request for claims other than pharmacy and dental, complete the void request form and attach a photocopy of the remittance advice (RA) containing the claims to be voided.

Circle each claim internal control number (ICN) to be voided on the copy of the remittance advice (RA). If you need several claims voided for different reasons, please complete a separate Void Request Form for each reason and attach a copy of the RA indicating the claims to be voided.

If you need several claims voided for the same reason, you may batch them together with one Void Request Form.

For more information on the Void Request Form/VR-1 (Rev. 5/14), refer to the MassHealth All Provider Bulletin 256 (October 2015).

Send paper void requests to:

ATTN: Voids
P.O. Box 120010
Boston, MA 02112-0010

The voided claim will be processed on a future RA. The total amount originally paid will appear as a negative amount and that amount will be deducted from payments until the overpayment is recovered. If applicable, please follow the billing instructions found in your MassHealth provider manual for resubmitting a replacement claim.

DO NOT send checks with the paper void request. Only include the Remittance Advice.

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