Learn how to create a TeleCert PIN

Do you wish to request your weekly unemployment benefits by phone? Learn how to create a TeleCert PIN.

DUA Pin Selection Line


To select or reset your DUA 4-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN)

The Details

What you need

In order to create your TeleCert PIN, you will need:

  • Your 9-digit Social Security number (SSN)
  • Your answer to the security question that you were prompted to answer when you filed your initial unemployment claim
TeleCert PIN requirements

Your PIN should be a number that you will remember but one that others cannot easily guess. For this reason, avoid numbers associated with your date of birth, social security number, telephone, address, or the like. When selecting your PIN, you may not use:

  • Consecutive numbers, such as 1234
  • The last 4 digits of your Social Security number (SSN)
  • Repetitive numbers, such as 1111

How to get

 To create your 4-digit TeleCert PIN:

  1. Call the PIN Selection Line at (617) 626-6943
  2. Enter your 9-digit Social Security number (SSN)
  3. After hearing your security question, enter the first 4 letters of your answer using the keys on the telephone keypad. For example: if the answer to your security question is Boston, you will enter 2678.
  4. Enter your own unique 4-digit PIN
  5. Re-enter the PIN you just selected
  6. Wait until the system informs you that your PIN has been accepted before hanging up

After you have selected your PIN, you will be transferred to the TeleCert line to request your weekly benefits. If you wish to request benefits, press option 2. If you don’t wish to request benefits, press 2 and hang up.

Next steps

Using your TeleCert PIN

Once you have selected your 4-digit PIN, you will need to enter this number every week that you request benefits using TeleCert.

More info

If you forget your PIN or wish to make a new one, you can call the PIN selection line any time at (617) 626-6943.



To select or reset your DUA 4-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN)


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