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MSERS Refund or Rollover Request

Leaving State service? Here's what you need to do to request a refund or rollover of your pension contributions.
Due to the increased volume of disbursement applications the total processing time for disbursements is currently 8-12 weeks.

Refunds and Rollovers Department (MSRB)

The Details of MSERS Refund or Rollover Request

What you need for MSERS Refund or Rollover Request

Contributions you make into your retirement system are deposited for you into an Annuity Savings Account. You cannot stop contributions or access the funds while you are still working (an active member-in-service). If you leave public service you may request a refund of your contributions from your local retirement board. 

You cannot request a refund if:

  • You are or will be a retiree collecting a retirement allowance
  • You are still working (a member-in-service)
  • You are on an official leave of absence
  • You have a Workers' Compensation claim pending or if you are receiving Workers' Compensation benefits for total incapacity
  • You have been charged with, or convicted of, misappropriation of funds or property of the governmental unit by which you were employed
  • You are appealing a dismissal or want to continue public employment

Things to consider before taking a refund:

  • Once you take a refund, you end your membership in your retirement system. 
  • Your new membership date would be the date you return to public service
  • You must file a completed refund application with your local retirement system to request a refund. 
  • If you think you might return to public service in the Commonwealth, you can leave your contributions in your retirement system to retain your current benefit rights.
  • If you are vested in your retirement system, taking a refund may affect your social security benefits, if eligible.


Fees for MSERS Refund or Rollover Request

  • Your refund may be affected by any existing support orders
  • 20% will be withheld from the federally taxable amount of your contributions if taking a direct refund.
  • There may also be additional IRS penalties for early withdrawal
  • You can have the federally taxable portion of your refund paid to a qualified retirement account instead
  • Consult the IRS or your tax advisor for guidance on taxes. 

How to request MSERS Refund or Rollover Request

Please mail your completed and signed form to:

Massachusetts State Retirement Board

One Winter Street, 8th Floor

Boston, MA 02108

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