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Renew your vehicle inspector license

If you want to be a vehicle inspector in Massachusetts, you need to have a vehicle inspector’s license. This license requires renewal and re-certification in order to remain valid.

Registry of Motor Vehicles

The Details

What you need

The RMV will mail the renewal form 60-90 days before expiration of your license. Re-certification training is required every 2 years.

A non-commercial, motorcycle, or 7D vehicle inspector is required to complete the following for their re-certification training:

•      Online course

•      Open book online exam

A commercial vehicle inspector is required to complete the following for their re-certification training:

•      Classroom attendance and participation

•      A hands-on practical demonstration

•      Online course

•      Open book online exam

How to renew

You will receive a recertification notice with instructions from the training office on how to complete your training online.

If you have commercial inspection certifications, you will need to complete classroom hours and a hands-on practical demonstration.

The renewal form must be completed and mailed with the applicable fees to:

Registry of Motor Vehicles
Vehicle Safety & Compliance Services
P.O. Box 55892
BOSTON, MA 02205-5892

More info

An inspector must participate in re-certification training within 90 days of their current training expiration date to continue inspecting vehicles. A re-certification notice from the training office will detail how to access the training. If applicable, non-commercial re-certification must be completed before beginning commercial and/or 7D re-certification training.

An inspector is allowed three attempts to pass the re-certification exam (one initial and two free retests). If you do not pass the initial re-certification exam, you must take the retests within 45 days of the initial exam.

If an inspector fails to pass the re-certification training exam before their training expires, the inspector will be locked out from performing inspections. When this occurs, the inspector will need to call the Registry of Motor Vehicles to reactivate their inspector license after passing the re-certification training exam. Please note that reactivation may take up to 24 hours to complete.



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