Report a Spill or Environmental Emergency

Learn how to report a spill of oil/hazardous material or an environmental emergency to the right authorities.
Immediately call your local fire department, then call MassDEP's Emergency Response at 1-888-304-1133 as soon as possible.

MassDEP Contact - Boston Headquarters


Fax: 617-574-6880 | Hours: M-F 9am-5pm

to report a spill/emergency any time

The Details

What you need

Oil spills and leaks, the release of hazardous materials, the contamination of drinking water or other  threats to the public are Environmental Emergencies and must be reported immediately.

How to report

  1. IMMEDIATELY Call your local fire department:  911
  2. Call MassDEP’s Emergency Response
    at: 1-888-304-1133

More info

For any chemical (either oil or a hazardous material), there is a Reportable Quantity (RQ) or Reportable Concentration (RC) that triggers the need to notify MassDEP.

These RQs and RCs are published on the Massachusetts Oil & Hazardous Material List (MOHML).



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