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Report your black bear harvest

The easiest way to report a harvest is online using MassFishHunt, but you can also go to an official check station.
You must report your black bear harvest within 48 hours.


The Details of Report your black bear harvest

What you need for Report your black bear harvest

Upon harvesting a black bear, you must immediately fill out and attach the paper tag from your permit the carcass. Your game must remain intact (other than field dressing), with the harvest tag attached, until it is reported and prepared for food or taxidermy purposes. Until you have reported the bear, some portion of the carcass must be visible while transporting it. 

How to report Report your black bear harvest

  • Go to MassFishHunt.
  • Use your last name and customer ID to log in. Your customer ID can be found on your license or bear permit.
  • Select Report a Harvest.
  • Select Black Bear from the harvest menu, and click Add.
  • You will have to answer a series of questions. You will need to examine your bear to answer some of the questions. Click the question mark icon to the right of each question for help.
  • You will get a confirmation number after completion. You must write this number on the harvest tag (which should still be attached to the harvested bear), where it shall remain until the bear is processed for food or taxidermy purposes.
  • You can also submit a tooth for aging to determine the age of the bear. This helps to manage the black bear population in Massachusetts. If you'd like to submit a tooth, watch this video guide and follow the instructions below.
    • Remove the first premolar. This is a very small tooth, just behind the large canine tooth. It does not matter if you take the left or the right tooth. The root is the most important part. Do not break the tooth.
    • Using a small sharp knife, or a sharp ¼-inch wood chisel, slide the blade down the side of the tooth and cut or separate the gum tissue where it sticks to the tooth. Using small needle-nose pliers or the pliers on your multi-tool, wiggle the tooth slightly until you can pull it out of the jawbone and the gum. The tooth is only about ½-inch (or less) in length. Be careful not to break it.
    • Put the tooth in a small envelope, and mark it with your name, and mailing address, customer ID number, and confirmation number (or seal number) of your bear. Put the small envelope in a regular mailing envelope and send it to:
      Black Bear Aging
      MA Division of Fisheries and Wildlife
      1 Rabbit Hill Road
      Westborough, MA 01583

You can also report your harvest at a physical check station.

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Once you submit your report, you can't edit any information. If you made an error, contact MassWildlife during business hours at (508) 389-6300. Business hours are from 8 A.M. - 4:30 P.M. Monday - Friday. Outside of these hours you will need to contact the Environmental Police at 1 (800) 632-8075.

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