Request a Mandate Determination

The Office of the State Auditor assesses if a state law or regulation imposes an unfunded mandate on municipalities. Learn how municipalities can request an unfunded mandate determination from our office.
Requested mandate determinations are generally completed within 60 calendar days.

Division of Local Mandates

The Details of Request a Mandate Determination

What you need for Request a Mandate Determination

To request a mandate determination from the Office of the State Auditor’s (OSA) Division of Local Mandates (DLM), you must be or represent one of the following:

  • A legislative committee or either branch of the General Court;
  • The chief executive officer of a city or town (mayor, manager, etc);
  • The board of selectmen, board of alderman, town council, or city council; or
  • The superintendent or school committee of a city or town, or regional school district, or executive director of an educational collaborative.

All requests for a mandate determination must be made in writing. Requests must cite the law or regulation that the requester believes is an unfunded mandate, and must also include information on the local financial impact. The requester should also include any additional cost data that will assist our office in completing our analysis.

How to request Request a Mandate Determination

To request a mandate determination, submit a letter of request to:

The Honorable Suzanne M. Bump, Auditor of the Commonwealth
State House, Room 230
Boston, MA 02133

In your letter, remember to:

  • Cite the law or regulation imposing costs and the nature of the local financial impact. If possible, provide supporting cost data and documentation; and
  • State your request for a determination of the fiscal impact of the potential mandate under the provisions of G.L. c. 29, s. 27c

Next steps for Request a Mandate Determination

Additional information

After we receive your request for a mandate determination, representatives from our office will likely reach out to you to request any additional information necessary to complete the determination.

Contact for Request a Mandate Determination

1 Winter St., 9th Floor, Boston, MA 02108