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Request drone services

We regularly provide drone flight services (including project planning, management, and data analysis) to all divisions of MassDOT and the MBTA.

MassDOT Aeronautics Division Drone Program

The Details of Request drone services

What you need for Request drone services

Please provide details about your project and how you believe drones could be used to support your work. After receiving your request, the Drone Team will help determine whether drones can be used safely and effectively to achieve the objectives you outline, analyzing technological capabilities, worksite safety concerns, airspace restrictions, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations, and other considerations to reach a determination.

To help the Drone Team understand your request, please use the online form to submit the following information:

  • High level project summary and details on how the drone would be used (1-2 paragraphs)
  • Location of overall project and possible flight areas (Please be as detailed as possible.)
  • Potential risks (To the Drone Team, support staff, hardware assets, etc.)
  • High-level project milestones and frequency of drone use
    • start/end dates
    • flight times of day
    • project milestones
    • deadlines for drone data delivery
  • Summary of cost-benefit of using drones for this project
    • What value will be added by its use?
    • Quantitative benefits – i.e., time savings, monetary savings
    • Qualitative information – i.e., safety improvements
  • Project POC and Contact Information
  • Property Owners
  • Date Submitted

How to request Request drone services

Please use this form to submit your request.

Next steps for Request drone services

Evaluation and response

The MassDOT Aeronautics Drone Team will evaluate your request and contact you via email or phone if there are any questions about the submission. Expect a response within two weeks of submission of a request.

Contact for Request drone services

MassDOT Aeronautics Drone Program Coordinator
Logan Office Center, 1 Harborside Drive, Suite 205N, Boston, MA 02128