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Request surplus property for executive departments

How to acquire surplus property

State Surplus Property Office (SSPO)


Surplus Property Officer (617) 720-3170

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What you need

If your department is in need of a particular piece of equipment, furniture, or other item, the SSPO may place a request on the Current Surplus Property Listing to inform other agencies about your need.

If there is an item on the Current Surplus Property Listing that your department wishes to obtain, follow the directions on the listing and email the SSPO. Please provide the item number, description, full name and address of the donating organization, and full name and address of the requesting organization with each property request. If your request is sent via fax or U.S. mail, the request must be printed on the department's official letterhead. If requesting property via E-Mail, it must be sent using an official state domain such as Transfers to Executive Departments are free of charge and will be honored on a first come, first served basis.The department head or person with authority to bind the organization to the property transfer must be copied (email or written) on all surplus property requests.

How to request

Surplus Property Program officer at


U.S. Mail
Operational Services Division
State Surplus Property Office
One Ashburton Place, Room 1017
Boston, MA 02108

Fax: (617) 727-4527

Next steps

Declaration of Surplus Property Need (OSD 25N Form)

 Download and complete the Declaration of Surplus Property Need (OSD 25N) Form.




One Ashburton Place, Room 1017, Boston, MA 02108


Surplus Property Officer (617) 720-3170


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