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Submit a unique partnership idea

Learn how to submit a unique partnership idea that will help EEA support our citizens and utilize our resources.

EEA Partnership Initiative - Jennifer Norwood

The Details

What you need

Some of our most successful projects and program ideas come from our private sector partners. Do you have an idea for using and improving the Commonwealth’s public spaces? An idea that would improve the neighborhood where you live or work? Or a commercial opportunity that could flourish in a public space?

Tell us about it.

How to file

Email your idea to us, including:

  • Your name, address and contract information

  • A description of your idea, considering the facilities, equipment, materials, or personnel resources you may need from an EEA agency

  • Details regarding any capital investment you’d have to make

  • A cost analysis and revenue model – how will you make money?

  • How this idea will benefit the EEA, like:

    • Profit from a leasing arrangement

    • Capital improvements

    • Increased visitorship

  • Be sure you complete the Disclosure of Dealings with the State form

Next steps

Reviewing your idea

If it’s a truly unique idea, we can work together to flesh it out and try to get it done. If it’s not, we will direct you to the appropriate agency resources.



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