WP 62: Septic System Additives, Effluent Tee Filters, Grease Removal Devices

Use this form to ensure that a septic system additive will not harm the environment or damage the septic system.

Septic Systems / Title 5 Contact Information

The Details

What you need

This determination is required for the use of any septic system additive or soil absorption system conditioner/restorative. These products are physical, chemical, or biological treatment processes. This determination is also required for the use of any septic tank effluent tee filter or grease removal device.

You must apply for this determination if:

  • you propose to use any septic system additive or soil-absorption system conditioner/restorative in your septic system
  • you are developing an alternative device for septic-tank effluent tee filters
  • you are developing an alternative device for grease removal (not part of internal plumbing in a building).

How to apply

See details in Step 5, below.

Next steps

  1. Review the Instructions

  2. Complete the Application Form

  3. Obtain a Transmittal Form and Number

    A unique Transmittal Number is needed for each application you submit to MassDEP.

  4. Look up the Permit Application Fee

    See page 6 of the fee schedule below.

  5. Mail your Application and Fee Payment

    Submit your application fee payment and your transmittal form to:

    Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection
    PO Box 4062
    Boston, MA 02211

    Mail 2 copies of your application and a copy of your transmittal form to:

    Department of Environmental Protection
    Wastewater Management Program
    One Winter Street. 5th Floor
    Boston, MA 02108



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