WP83: Hydrogeologic Evaluation Report

This approval governs wastewater discharges to ground. MassDEP requires this approval to issue a permit for wastewater discharges over 10,000 gallons per day.

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The Details of WP83: Hydrogeologic Evaluation Report

What you need for WP83: Hydrogeologic Evaluation Report

This report approval is a prerequisite for the issuance of a permit to discharge treated sanitary wastewater in excess of 10,000 gallons per day (gpd) or to discharge treated wastewaters otherwise subject to a groundwater discharge permit. This report approval serves to protect the public health, welfare, and the environment through the control of these discharges onto or into the ground. If, following this report approval, the permittee intends to apply for either an Individual or General Groundwater Discharge Permit, the approved report will be a part of the permit application submittal.

Any individual, business, or organization required to obtain a groundwater discharge permit is subject to the approval of a scope of work and hydrogeologic evaluation pursuant to MGL c. 21, s. 43 and 314 CMR 5.00 (unless exempted in 314 CMR 5.05).

How to apply WP83: Hydrogeologic Evaluation Report

File online via the EEA ePlace Portal. See details below.

Next steps for WP83: Hydrogeologic Evaluation Report

  1. Review the Instructions

  2. Complete the Application Form

    Please fill out and save the Microsoft Word or Acrobat Adobe PDF form on your computer.

    Important Note: Even when applying online, you will still need to complete a conventional Application Form and upload it as an attachment during the online filing process. Please do not mail in these forms.

  3. Submit your Application and Fee Payment

    1. File online via the EEA ePlace Portal.
    2. You will have the option to pay online by credit card or automated clearing house (ACH) or pay by mail. If you select the pay-by-mail option, instructions on how to do so will be provided when you submit your online application.

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