Indigency (waiver of court fees)

If you cannot pay for court fees and costs, you may be able to have the state pay for them.

Find out if you are eligible to have court fees and costs waived, and learn how to apply.

The Affidavit of Indigency Guide and File program will help you fill out the Affidavit of Indigency form by asking you a series of questions in plain language. Once you’ve answered all the questions, the program will generate a completed form for you to review that you can then file with the proper court, either electronically or in person. Please note that Affidavits of Indigency and Supplemental Affidavits of Indigency must be filed with a complaint or petition and all other documents that are required to be filed with that particular complaint or petition. If you are unsure what needs to be filed, please call the Registry of Probate in your county. In addition, only actions listed in Probate and Family Court Standing Order 2-20 as amended that are considered emergency actions will be accepted by email.