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2021 Senior and Principal Fire Alarm Operator Examination

Please find the key dates and other information for the promotional exams.

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Key Dates

Application Opening: March 30, 2021
Application Deadline: April 20, 2021
Notice to Appear for Exam: May 14, 2021
Examination Date: May 28, 2021 (Friday)
Education & Experience (E&E) Application Deadline: June 4, 2021
Score Release Date: TBD
Education & Experience (E&E) Last Day to Appeal: TBD
Eligible List Establishment Date: TBD

Written Examination Fee: $250
Location: Various Sites across the state

Eligibility: Eligible current employees in the Boston Fire Department

Additional Resources

Next Steps

  1. Read texts on the reading list
    - Senior and Principal Fire Alarm Operator - Boston - Amended
  2. The registration for the exams has been closed
    - Senior Fire Alarm Operator-Boston
    - Principal Fire Alarm Operator-Boston
  3. Notice to Appear for Examination: May 14, 2021

    Two weeks before the examination date you will receive a notice to appear by e-mail.  The notice will tell you the location and the time to appear for your examination.  Please check your junk or spam mail folder for the e-mail before contacting this office.
  4. Education & Experience (E&E) Application Deadline: TBD

    Promotional exam candidates are required to file their E&E Claim application online; it is a mandatory exam component and will result in a failing score if the claim is not completed online.  Supporting documentation will be accepted up to 7 calendar days following the examination date by mail or email:

  5. Score: TBD
    You will receive your examination result by e-mail.

  6. Education & Experience (E&E) Last Day to Appeal: TBD
    Before filing an appeal regarding your E&E claim, please ensure that your submitted documentation supports the information referenced on your online E&E claim.

  7. Eligible List: TBD
    When the eligible list is established you will be able to view your rank.


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