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About the Trial Court Fiscal Affairs Department

The Fiscal Affairs Department is the financial center for the Trial Court.

Table of Contents

Fiscal contacts and sections

The Fiscal Affairs Department supports the Trial Court in the areas of accounting; audit; budget and revenue; payroll; and procurement.

Thomas Simard - Chief Financial Officer

Partners with senior management to guide, implement, and manage the necessary cost control, process redesign and financial management strategies to support the economic growth and financial well-being of the Trial Court.


Jason Colbert - Manager of Accounts Payable

The Accounts Payable section is responsible for receiving, reviewing, approving and processing all Accounts Payable encumbrances and payments into the Massachusetts Management and Accounting Reporting System (MMARS) for over 120 Trial Court locations, offices and divisions.

Internal Audit

Michael J. McKay - Manager of Audit

The Internal Audit section is responsible for ensuring that Trial Court Divisions, Departments and Administrative Offices comply with Statutory and Trial Court fiscal and administrative policies. Internal Audit is responsible for performing on-site audits, preparing reports of the results of audits, and reviewing financial reports.

Budget and Revenue

Eileen Kaskeski Connolly - Manager of Budget and Revenue

The Budget and Revenue section is responsible for budget review, preparation and submission to the Supreme Judicial Court, the Governor and the Legislature.  Budget monitors all account spending as well as determines funding for personnel transactions, contracts and purchases.  The Revenue section oversees revenue reconciliations and provides revenue reports.


Donna Lee - Manager of Payroll, Training and Operations

The Payroll section is responsible for ensuring all employees are paid accurately and timely with the correct withholdings and deductions, and to ensure these are remitted in a timely manner. The Operations section is responsible for training and ongoing support of Trial Court employees on MMARS, HRCMS, Internal Controls, bookkeeping, fiscal protocol and oversight of application security for MMARS, HRCMS, and Document Direct.


Diane Wholley - Manager of Procurement

The Procurement section is responsible for all aspects of procurement within the Trial Court, including centralized purchasing activities and resulting expenditures for office supplies, forms, and office equipment, while also managing the development of budget requirements for the purchase of furniture and equipment related to capital projects.

Fiscal Systems Analysts

Steve Kirby - Manager of Financial Systems

The Fiscal System Analysts section is responsible for all aspects of Implementing and maintain financial procedures related to MassCourts, bookkeeping processes, and court operations. Analysts provide training for users for seamless integration of fiscal applications, as well as assist in the daily financial operations of all courts within the Commonwealth.



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