Accelerated Bridge Program (ABP) update

Through September 1, 2018 the MassDOT Accelerated Bridge Program has advertised 200 construction contracts with a combined construction budget valued at $2.43 billion.

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In 2008, with the Massachusetts Highway Department (MHD) and the Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) having 543 structurally deficient bridges between them, and projections of this number climbing to almost 700 by 2016, the Accelerated Bridge Program legislation was passed with a goal of reducing the state’s backlog of structurally deficient bridges below 450 by September 30, 2016. The goal of the program was exceeded with the number of structurally deficient bridges overseen by the former MHD and DCR reduced to 432 as of September 30, 2016, a decline of 20%. As of September 1, 2018, the ABP has completed 191 bridge projects, with seven remaining bridge projects in construction.

Over the course of the program, well over 270 bridges will be rehabilitated or replaced, with many more improved for safety and preserved for extended lifecycle.

Of these 200 advertised construction contracts:

  • 161 have already, or will, repair/replace over 270 bridges throughout the Commonwealth
  • 39 are maintenance/preservation projects which perform work to improve the safety of many additional bridges throughout the Commonwealth
  • 200 have been awarded to a contractor
  • 191 have been declared complete by MassDOT (or DCR) with two additional contracts terminated and the remaining scope transferred to other contracts.

Active Projects Listings

Program Timeline and Progress

timeline and progress

This graphic depicts the overall ABP timeline and number of projects by current phase. The program is in its tenth year.

There are currently 200 projects included in the program, within these phases there are:

  • 0 Projects remaining in design
  • 0 Projects remaining in procurement
  • 7 Projects in construction
  • 191 Projects declared complete
  • 2 construction contracts have been terminated and their remaining scope transferred to other projects

Structurally Deficient Bridge Status

Structurally Deficient Bridge Status

This graphic shows the ABP-eligible Structurally Deficient Bridge Status. On February 1, 2007, there were 511 structurally deficient (SD) bridges. This number increased to 543 by July 1, 2008 when the ABP Program was initiated. Without the program, the number of SD bridges was expected to rise to 697 by October 1, 2016. The goal of the program was to reduce the number of SD bridges to fewer than 450 by October 1, 2016. That goal was reached with 432 ABP-eligible structurally deficient bridges as of October 1, 2016. The number of ABP-eligible structurally deficient bridges as of September 1, 2018 is 445

Not all of Massachusetts’ 5,000 plus bridges are eligible for Accelerated Bridge Program (ABP) funding. Approximately 600 bridges are under the control of revenue-generating agencies not eligible for ABP funds

ABP Construction Contractor Jobs Created or Sustained

This graphic shows ABP construction contractor jobs by county that were created or sustained through September 1, 2018, a total of 41,394.

map data in text

West to east across the Commonwealth:

  • Berkshire: 1,372
  • Franklin: 363
  • Hampshire: 1,201
  • Hampden: 3,446
  • Worcester: 6,640
  • Essex: 3,537
  • Middlesex: 8,709
  • Norfolk: 2,425
  • Plymouth: 1,139
  • Bristol: 5,328
  • Barnstable: 1,011
  • Suffolk: 6,205

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