Active-Without Companies

10-23-2007 Effective Immediately: Policy change when the Division of Apprentice Standards Sponsors become "Active-Without"

Active-Without Companies

An apprentice program sponsor ("Sponsor") is defined as a person, association, committee, organization, corporation, partnership, trust or other entity operating an apprentice program and in whose name the program is registered with the Division of Apprentice Standards ("Division").

A Sponsor is deemed "Active Without" when an existing apprentice program sponsor no longer has any active apprentices in a program.

When a Sponsor becomes "Active-Without" in either a particular trade if the Sponsor has multiple programs, or within the program as a whole, the Sponsor will no longer be issued any Sponsor Verifications by the Division. Sponsors having multiple programs will still be able to bid for jobs involving trades in which they have active programs.

Any Sponsor may be Active-Without for a period of one year before they are automatically cancelled as a sponsor, or the individual trade is cancelled if the sponsor has multiple trades. However, they can no longer obtain a sponsor verification while they are Active-Without.

This notice is being sent as a courtesy of DAS to notify you of the new policy. Any new policies and / or procedures will be posted on the website in the future before it becomes enacted. Please note the website so you can track any changes in the future.


David Wallace

Division of Apprentice Standards Director

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