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Adding the MassGIS LOC_ID to your CAMA system

These videos will show you how to add new LOC_IDs to your Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal (CAMA) system. Scroll to the video that is titled with your brand of CAMA system and click on the play arrow. There is audio so please have a speaker or headphones available.

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Patriot CAMA Software

Some assessors have upgraded to AssessPro 5. We're told that the LOC_ID is stored in a name-customizable field, which by default is named GIS_ID on the Legal Screen under the Real Estate tab. Please view the above video if you are unsure about how to copy and paste the LOC_ID numbers from the change list provided by your map maintenance provider.

Screen capture of AssessPro 5 GIS_ID cama field

PK Systems CAMA Software

Tyler CAMA Software

Vision CAMA Software



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MassGIS would like to thank the following people for assisting in the creation of these videos.

  • Theodora Gabriel, Town Assessor, Town of Seekonk 
  • Brian Macdonald, Director of Assessing, Town of Stoneham
  • Steve Lacasse, PK Systems
  • Kathryn Pierce, Principal Assessor, Town of Hollison
  • Tina Zelano, Director of Assessing, Town of Hamilton