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See data on people using ACCS services, including breakdowns by race and program.

Adult Community Clinical Services (ACCS) provides clinical interventions and peer and family supports to help people develop skills, establish ways to live successful, independent lives within their community. The following indicators and data show demographic data about people using ACCS services, as well as their progress toward the goal of living independently in their community. This data is maintained by the Department of Mental Heath Services (DMH).

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FY 2024 ACCS Dashboard

For definitions of the terms used in these dashboards, please refer to the ACCS Dashboard Definitions section of this page. 

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ACCS Dashboard Definitions

Age: Age of individual on the last day of the reporting quarter.

Race/Ethnicity: The DMH information system includes 10 categories for Race and 52 categories for Ethnicity. Categories with small numbers are grouped into Other. 

DMH Inpatient Continuing Care Facilities: Indicator includes individuals discharged from a DMH inpatient continuing care facility who are newly enrolled in ACCS. Does not include individuals enrolled in ACCS at the time of their admission to the facility. Facilities include:  Metro Boston Mental Health Unit at Dr. Solomon Carter Fuller Mental Health Center, Metro Boston Mental Health Units at Lemuel Shattuck Hospital, Tewksbury State Hospital Hathorne Units, Taunton State Hospital, Worcester Recovery Center and Hospital, and DMH Continuing Care Unit at Vibra Hospital.

Supervised Group Living: ACCS housing settings that are staffed 24/7/365. Staff members provide treatment and supervision so that people can develop the skills necessary to transition and live in a more independent housing setting.

DMH Rental Assistance: A program administered by the Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) in cooperation with DMH that provides rental subsidies to DMH clients. 

Community Tenure: Individuals who are living in the community during the reporting month without any hospitalizations or stay in another institutional setting during that month. 

Inpatient Psychiatric: Includes admissions to acute private and general hospitals with inpatient psychiatric units and to DMH acute units at Pocasset Mental Health Center and Corrigan Mental Health Center. 

Inpatient Medical: Includes all admissions to a medical unit at a general hospital.  Does not include Emergency Department visits.

Skilled Nursing Facility: Facilities providing skilled nursing and rehabilitative services, typically to provide rehabilitation from an illness or injury, or frequent care for the management of a chronic medical condition.

Jail/Prison: Includes Department of Corrections (DOC) prison facilities and county House of Corrections.



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