Alternative Housing Voucher Program (AHVP)

EOHLC's Division of Rental Assistance has the responsibility for regulatory and administrative oversight of the Alternative Housing Voucher Program (AHVP).

Program Description and Information

Established in 1995, AHVP provides a permanent improvement in the lives of low-income non-elderly persons with a disability by offering tenant based rental subsidies to those eligible for the program. A regional non-profit housing agency or a local housing authority administers AHVP locally. There are currently 8 regional non-profit housing agencies and 54 local housing authorities (LHAs) that administer the AHVP throughout the Commonwealth to approximately 700 households under lease as of February 2023. Note that only 25 LHAs issue AHVP vouchers.  You can find a list of those LHAs here. Through the assistance of AHVP, hundreds of non-elderly persons with disability in Massachusetts benefit from long-term stabilization of their often uncertain housing and financial situation.

How it Works:

A program participant will pay rent in an amount equal to either 25% or 30% of the participant's monthly income to the landlord.

The percentage charged depends on whether utilities are included or not in the rent.

The local administering agency will provide rental assistance payments directly to the landlord on behalf of the program participant for the remainder of the monthly rental amount.

Who is Eligible:

Eligible applicants are non-elderly (less than 60 years age at eligibility), with a disability. The income limit at initial eligibility for AHVP is approximately 80% of Area Median income. Based on statutory language, eligible applicants must also be eligible and qualified for the c. 667 elderly/handicapped state-aided housing program.

Application Process:

Applicants can apply online through the Centralized Housing Application for Massachusetts Programs (CHAMP). CHAMP is the easiest and fastest way to apply to both AHVP and state-aided public housing, and to make changes to your applications.

Applicants may submit a paper application instead by directly contacting any local housing authority in Massachusetts. Any local housing authority will enter an application into CHAMP and provide additional assistance if required.  

Applicants will be placed on the waiting lists that they choose. Waits may be lengthy.

When an applicant nears the top of an LHA's waiting list, the LHA will contact them to determine eligibility.  An applicant may be contacted by multiple LHAs if they are near the top of multiple waiting lists at the same time.  If determined eligible, you will be given a briefing on all aspects of the program. 


AHVP Issuing AAs

AHVP AAs Map November 2021

AHVP Application (English)

AHVP Application (Spanish) - Solicitud para el Programa de Vales para Viviendas Alternativas



Expanded AHVP Security Deposit Program Notice FY23

AHVP Ceiling Rents FY23

AHVP Income Limits

Notice to All Applicants - Reasonable Accommodations


For Further Information:

For questions regarding your application, please directly contact any housing authority in Massachusetts.

For questions related to the AHVP program, contact Joel Deery at (617) 573 1147 or

Contact for Alternative Housing Voucher Program (AHVP)


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