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Anne Borghesani

Mar 27, 1967 to Mar 31, 1990

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Anne Borghesani

Daughter of former Garden of Peace board member and a Garden founder, Betty Borghesani

Anne, a child of Massachusetts, grew up in Lexington and graduated from Tufts University in 1989, where she majored in International Relations. She was an intelligent young woman filled with enthusiasm for life, curiosity, warmth and humor. A great communicator, she brought people together from different religions and cultures and was an active participant in her community. Anne consistently exhibited love, compassion, honesty and loyalty to others and was committed to the importance of personal dignity, equal opportunity, freedom of choice and justice.

After college Anne worked as a legal assistant in Washington, DC. She hoped to attend law school and talked of being a public defender. She was walking from her apartment to the Metro early on a Saturday evening when she was attacked and violently murdered by a stranger in Arlington, Virginia. Anne was on her way to her own 23rd birthday party.