Appendix A: Timeline Summary of Important Events, 1995-2017

A list of significant events in the history of the Southfield Redevelopment Authority.

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  • July 1995: The federal Defense Base Closure and Realignment Commission (BRAC) recommends the closure of the South Weymouth naval air station (NAS).
  • September 1995: The Governor issues Executive Order No. 378, establishing the South Weymouth Naval Air Station Planning Committee (NASPC) to provide policy guidance for all aspects of reuse planning for the NAS.
  • September 1997: The South Weymouth NAS is decommissioned by the Department of Defense (DOD), per BRAC’s recommendation.
  • January 1998: NASPC adopts a Reuse Plan to govern development of the NAS. The Reuse Plan calls for a maximum of 2,855 residential units and between 900,000 and 2 million square feet of commercial development.
  • August 1998: the South Shore Tri-Town Development Corporation (SSTTDC) is created, under Chapter 301 of the Acts of 1998, to oversee the development of the former NAS site and to succeed NASPC as the sole entity responsible for pursuing the acquisition and redevelopment of the NAS.
  • October 2002: SSTTDC selects LNR Property, LLC to be the master developer for the former NAS site.
  • October 2002: SSTTDC and LNR enter into a letter of intent (a letter describing the proposed terms of the agreement between the parties) that provides SSTTDC with $500,000 for costs and expenses related to the NAS development operations. LNR also provides SSTTDC with $1 million for costs and expenses related to SSTTDC’s operations.
  • May 2003: DOD, acting through the Secretary of the Navy, conveys 549 acres of the former South Weymouth NAS at no charge to SSTTDC.
  • May 2004: SSTTDC and LNR sign their first Disposition and Development Agreement (DDA), which defines the financial and regulatory framework of future development and under which LNR is responsible for land improvement.
  • September 2005: The Navy is required to seek “fair market value” for closed military bases, based on changes to the Base Realignment and Closure Law.
  • December 2005: LNR submits a finalized 12-year Master Plan for the development of the NAS site.
  • May 2006: LNR announces that it will call the NAS redevelopment site SouthField.
  • June 2006: SSTTDC transfers the 549 acres of land at no charge to LNR as the master developer, in anticipation of the initial phases of development.
  • March 2008: SSTTDC and LNR sign an amended DDA.
  • August 2008: Chapter 303 of the Acts of 2008 supersedes Chapter 301 of the Acts of 1998, updating the laws related to the development of the NAS site.
  • Fiscal year 2009: SSTTDC is granted the authority to collect taxes, so it can now collect taxes on the original land obtained from the Navy.
  • June 2010: SSTTDC enters into a financing agreement with the state, creating the Memorandum of Agreement for the Parkway at the NAS, according to which SSTTDC will reimburse the Commonwealth for loan payments made for the East-West Parkway’s construction.
  • July 2011: Infrastructure development begins at the former NAS site, in the town of Weymouth.
  • December 2011: 681 acres of land is transferred from the Navy to SSTTDC, 558 acres of which is considered developable. SSTTDC transfers the 558 acres through a land transfer and assignment agreement to LNR.
  • April 2013: LNR is sold to Starwood Capital Group. LNR retains the role of master developer for the NAS site, operating as LNR South Shore LLC.
  • August 2014: SSTTDC is reconstituted and reorganized as the Southfield Redevelopment Authority (SRA) under Chapter 291 of the Acts of 2014. Under the new law, the Reuse Plan and the Master Plan are replaced by the Redevelopment Plan, which retains some of the Reuse Plan’s features, and the positions of chief executive officer, chief financial officer, and water/sewer superintendent are eliminated.
  • December 2014: The Commonwealth executes the Second Amendment to the Amended and Restated Memorandum on Financing for the Parkway, which defers payments owed by SRA to the Commonwealth through 2018, to be repaid starting in fiscal year 2019.
  • May 2015: SRA approves the transfer of the responsibilities of the master developer, LNR, to LStar Southfield, LLC (LStar), a subsidiary of LStar Management, LLC. SRA and LStar execute the Second Amended and Restated DDA, reflecting the change in master developer.
  • July 2016: LStar changes the NAS project name from SouthField to Union Point.
  • November 2016: The William Delahunt Parkway extension road opens, linking Route 3 in Rockland to Route 18 in Weymouth.
  • June 2017: SRA and LStar execute the Third Amended and Restated DDA, which significantly alters the timing and amounts of revenue payable to SRA by LStar.
Date published: March 29, 2018

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