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Appendix: Berkshire County Arc, Inc. Program Descriptions

Programs support more than 165 individuals throughout Berkshire and Hampden Counties.

Table of Contents

Residential Services

Berkshire County Arc currently supports more than 165 individuals in community homes, cooperative and staffed apartments, supported living and home ownership throughout Berkshire and Hampden Counties. The Residential Services Program serves individuals in Brain Injury Services and Developmental Disability Services.

Day Habilitation

Services at our Day Habilitation Centers are person-centered and designed to meet the specific needs of each person we support. Day Habilitation Service Plans are developed in consultation with qualified and licensed therapeutic staff (including Physical Therapists, an Occupational Therapist, and Speech and Language Pathologists.) Each person also receives nursing support, including health status monitoring and coordination with other health care professionals.

Our outstanding and dedicated support staff work to provide individualized skills training in the following developmental areas:

  • Self-help
  • Communication
  • Sensory motor and mobility
  • Independent living
  • Social development
  • Affective development
  • Behavior development

Adult Family Care

The program currently serves more than 125 qualified individuals in their own homes, or the homes of their caregivers. . . .

Our Services:

i.    Developing assessments to determine eligibility and level of care

ii.    Providing a non-taxable monthly stipend to caregivers

iii.   Providing nursing oversight

iv.   Providing case management and support services

v.   Facilitating connections with other community organizations and service providers

vi.   Assisting with future planning

vii.  Providing family support and advocacy

Advocacy and Family Support

Berkshire County Arc’s Advocacy and Family Support services are designed to support children and adults with disabilities living in the community with their families.

The services include self-advocacy groups, a family support center, and respite services.

Down Syndrome Family Group

The Berkshire County Arc Down Syndrome Family Group is comprised of over 40 families throughout Berkshire County, working to advocate for and educate the public about Down syndrome and people with disabilities.

Zip ‘N Sort Mail Services

Zip ‘N Sort Mail Services, the largest mail service business in the Berkshires, maintains an integrated work setting for employees, with and without disabilities. Employees use state-of-the-art, automated equipment to satisfy its customer base of nearly 400 local, national and international companies.

Employment Services

Berkshire County Arc Employment Services provides comprehensive, individualized employment services that help people with a wide range of disabilities succeed in life and work.

Community-Based Day Services

BCArc offers two separate programs that focus on integrating individuals with the community to achieve a range of goals.

The Transitions program allows individuals to learn independence and gain employment skills. The Northview program is a community-based program that helps individuals “maintain personal, social, and community growth.”

Pooled Trusts

Berkshire County Arc’s Master Special Needs Pooled Trust and Family Special Needs Pooled Trust . . . [protect] the assets of individuals with disabilities and still [maintain] eligibility for public benefits including MassHealth and [Social Security Disability Insurance].

Master Special Needs Pooled Trust is funded with assets of the individual, i.e., retroactive disability award, personal injury settlement, divorce, sale of a house. . . .

Family Special Needs Pooled Trust is funded with assets of a third party such as a parent or grandparent of a disabled person, rather than with the assets originally owned by the person with a disability (i.e., will, insurance policy, or savings).

Date published: May 25, 2021