Appendix C—Makeup of the Municipal Police Training Committee Board

A listing of the statutory members of the MPTC board.

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Under G.L. c. 6 §116 there is a Municipal Police Training Committee made up of the following voting members, or their designees:

  • Five Chiefs of Police appointed by the Governor from nominations submitted by the Massachusetts Chiefs of Police Association (MCOPA);
    • One of whom shall be from western Massachusetts, one from central Massachusetts, one from northeastern Massachusetts, one from southeastern Massachusetts, and one from the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority
  • One Chief of Police selected by MCOPA
  • One Police Officer appointed by the Governor from nominations submitted by the Massachusetts Police Association executive board and the Massachusetts Police Training Officers Association executive board;
  • The Commissioner of Police of the City of Boston;
  • The Colonel of the State Police;
  • The Attorney General; and
  • One person to be designated by the Secretary of Public Safety.

The same statute also creates nonvoting, advisory positions for the following members, or their designees:

  • The Personnel Administrator;
  • The Commissioner of Correction;
  • The Commissioner of Youth Services;
  • The Commissioner of Probation;
  • The Chair of the Parole Board;
  • The Executive Director of the Committee on Criminal Justice;
  • The Chief Justice of the Trial Court;
  • The Chief Justice of the District Court Department;
  • The Commissioner of Education;
  • The Chair of the Criminal Law Committee of the Massachusetts Bar Association; and
  • The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Special Agent in charge of the Boston Office of the FBI, if consent is given by the FBI Director.
  • The Governor shall also appoint five additional advisory, nonvoting members:
    • One who is an administrator of a city or town;
    • One who is a clerk of the Superior Court;
    • One who is a member of the Committee for Public Counsel Services;
    • One who is a Sheriff of a county or former county; and
    • One who is a District Attorney

The committee shall elect a chairperson annually and shall provide nominations for an Executive Director to the Secretary of Public Safety.

Date published: November 18, 2019

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