Apprentice ID cards

Identification cards must be renewed annually with the Division of Apprentice Standards (DAS), and apprentices should always have a card with them while on the job.

All Sponsors must use the DAS ePlace Portal to submit requests and documents. 

Alert: For Division of Apprentice Standards Sponsors:

Please be advised that as of Friday, March 11, 2022, you will need to use the following link to access your ePlace portal account if you have not already done so.

Division of Apprentice Standards Sponsors, as of December 18, 2021, please be advised that an updated ePlace portal link being provided to you so that you may continue to access our new online system with its updated features here: A "shopping cart" functionality has been added to allow for multiple apprentice processes to be completed and paid for in one transaction. Additionally, apprentice names have been added to transaction identification codes for ease of tracking. DAS appreciates your feedback as we continue to enhance our system for your use. Ongoing trainings occur weekly and are posted here:

Please reach out to staff by email at with any questions or concerns. 

Table of Contents

About ID cards

Apprentices must have an identification (ID) card as part of their agreement to take part in a registered apprenticeship program.

How do I get an apprentice ID card?

Your employer or sponsor will give you your apprentice ID card. If you need help getting your card, renewing, or replacing a lost card, connect with your employer or sponsor for assistance.

What's on the cards?

Cards contain:

  • Photo of the apprentice
  • Registration number
  • Expiration date
  • Name of apprenticeship employer or sponsor
  • Steps of progression and related dates applicable to the apprentice's work

When does an apprentice need a card?

The card must be on the apprentice's person for all hours of employment during the apprenticeship.

What happens if a card is lost or expired?

Apprentices should connect with their employer or sponsor to request a renewed ID card or replacement.  

How are cards requested?

Employers and sponsors can request an apprentice ID card through the ePLACE portal

For more information, contact the Division of Apprentice Standards.

Payment and application submission

The apprentice or sponsor must renew the card annually and pay a $35 fee. The card expires a year from the date it is issued.

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