Attleboro Landfill Inc. Capping Project

Learn about the proposed capping and closure of this landfill.


The former Attleboro Dump - located on Peckham Street, near the Norton town line, and last operated by Attleboro Landfill Inc. - consists of two areas:

  • The closed and capped 32-acre Phase A, and
  • The uncapped 10-acre Phase B.

Only after Phase B is capped in accordance with Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) solid waste regulations at 310 CMR 19.000 can the Phase A and B areas of the landfill be certified as closed.


Following a 28-day public comment period on its November 2018 Provisional Decision, MassDEP on January 4, 2019, issued a Final Approval with Conditions for Enviro-Cycle LLC's Corrective Action Design. Learn more.

Administrative Consent Orders

On July 13, 2018, MassDEP entered into (2) two enforceable agreements on the assessment and closure of Phase B:

  • The first, executed with Albert Dumont and Attleboro Landfill Inc. (ALI), settles an appeal of a previous enforcement order and penalty dating to 2005. This ACO resolves past violations and stipulates penalties for future noncompliance.
  • The second, executed with ALI and Enviro-Cycle (proponents), sets the terms and conditions, as well as a three-year compliance schedule, for assessing and capping the landfill.  The agreement also establishes that revenue from the delivery and use of approved grading and shaping materials will be used to (1) pay for the landfill closure and (2) establish a 30-year post-closure ground water monitoring and site maintenance fund to be administered by an independent third party.  The ACO stipulates penalties for noncompliance.  

Related documents may be reviewed below or by appointment at the MassDEP Southeast Regional Office.

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Corrective Action Design


July 2018 EnviroCycle submits a Corrective Action Design (CAD) permit application for MassDEP review.
August 2018 MassDEP issues a Determination of Administrative Completeness with Technical Comments, seeking additional information from the proponent.
September 2018 Enviro-Cycle submits a revised CAD application in response to MassDEP's technical comments.
November 2018 MassDEP finds the revised CAD application technically complete and issues a Provisional Decision, subject to a 28-day public comment period.
December 2018 Public comment period concludes.
January 2019 MassDEP issues Final Approval with Conditions for the Corrective Action Design.

Related documents may be reviewed below or by appointment at the MassDEP Southeast Regional Office in Lakeville.

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Background Information

Enviro-Cycle LLC submitted a Conceptual Closure Plan for the Attleboro Landfill in December 2014.

A public informational meeting on the proposed capping and closure project was held in March 2015 in Norton, and a 30-day public comment period concluded in April 2015. 

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