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Barbara Jean Scolaro

Dec 21, 1978 - Apr 22, 2008

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She arrived on the Winter Solstice,
Beautiful, from day one.
Joining a circle of love, Mom, Dad, Nona,
5 brothers and 2 sisters, Barbara
Was spoiled by all.
She was spirited, loyal and
Passionate, especially for animals,
Large and small.
Barbara excelled in basketball
She was happy to be a mom,
Her sons were her love and delight.
In a flash Barbara’s life was over
Betrayed and shot by her husband.
Who thought of domestic violence ?
Who knew the signs ?
We cherish her laughter, her hopes
And her dreams
Especially her sons.
Sunrise 12/21/78
Sunset 04/22/08
Her husband is in jail awaiting trial.