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Barbara Tagen

Jan 31, 1946 - Aug 27, 2011

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My mother had a challenging life but was strong and a survivor. She kept us fed with a roof over our heads and held it together more than we appreciated at the time.

I often envied her personality; she was crazy and funny. She was friendly and made friends wherever she went. At one point in her life she, herself, was homeless and wrestled with substance abuse. She didn’t remain homeless long and later attended UMass Boston and Quincy College for Nursing.

She worked at the Multi Service Center for the Homeless in Cambridge and was on the Board of Directors of the Cambridge Coalition to End Homelessness. Everyone feels that their loved one has a pure heart but she really did. She was the bright life in my life before this 25 year old snuffed it.

I know she is in heaven and I talk to her every day. I ask her to keep an eye on Ava and Kristi. We all miss you, Mom. I’m not trying to paint you as a saint and you made a few mistakes in your life – but you picked yourself up and were the best mom for Tommy and me. There is a hollow place in the world since you are not here. Mom, I told you we will not forget you ever. I will see you there.