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Barge and Crane

Find information on this shipwreck and dive site managed by the Massachusetts Board of Underwater Archaeological Resources (BUAR).

BUAR classifies certain shipwrecks and other underwater archaeological resources as "Exempted Sites" for a variety of reasons, including (but not limited to): commonly known location, previous salvage, recreational value, educational value, or lack of significant archaeological or historical value. Recreational diving activities on these sites, including casual artifact collection, do not require a BUAR permit. However, any major disruption of the site is prohibited. The intent of creating an exempted shipwreck site is to preserve such sites for the continued enjoyment of the recreational diving community, who is encouraged to protect these sites for the continued enjoyment of all.

Note: All dives are conducted at your own risk. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts accepts no responsibility for loss of any kind, including personal injury or property damage. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts assumes no liability for inaccuracies in dive information contained in these pages including site locations and dive conditions.

Vessel Details

Description: Barge, steel.
Dimensions: Length 90 ft.
Tonnage: Gross.
Propulsion: Towed.

The Shipwreck

Date Sunk: November 1, 1963 (1965?).
Cause: Foundered.
Location: Nantucket Sound, SE of Cross Rip.

The Boston Globe; November 1, 1963 - "Tugboat Rescued But Barge Sinks"
"VINEYARD HAVEN - A crippled Boston tugboat was towed through rough seas by the Coast Guard to harbor here this morning but its accompanying barge sank. The James J. Minot radioed late Sunday night, reporting it had lost its rudder in battering swells several miles off Hyannisport. The tug had a 90-foot barge under tow. According to the Coast Guard the barge went under as the cutter Snohomish sought to bring it into the harbor here. The swells were 5-ft. high and winds 35 mph. Coast Guard cutter Cape George towed the tugboat."

Dive Site Conditions

Visibility in feet: Reportedly deteriorating rapidly.


BUAR Files
The Boston Globe; November 1, 1963

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