Become a certified MassDOT field welder

Requirements to become a certified MassDOT field welder.

What you need to do

HELPFUL HINT: It is strongly recommended that you take a picture of your green card, front and back, after each signature in case of loss or theft

To become a certified MassDOT field welder you must:

  • Complete and pass a welder qualification test record in each welding process and welding position for which you wish to become certified in. This test must be witnessed and stamped by a CWI. The CWI must be a MassDOT representative or designee
  • You will also need 2 passport sized photos
  • Last four digits of the welder’s social security number

All paperwork must be filled out legibly and include mailing address and contact information.

Green card applicants will be processed in the order received.

Mail all required documentation to

10 Park Plaza, Room 7110
Boston, MA 02116
ATTN: Michael Leonard, Metals Control Engineer

Other inquiries

All other inquiries should be sent to

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