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BioMap as a Resource for Educators

Use this page to learn about the features that make BioMap an effective resource for secondary and college level educators and their students.

Using maps is a compelling way to tell the story of a landscape. BioMap is a free, online, and publicly accessible resource. It has interactive features that make learning about habitats easy. BioMap provides an opportunity to learn about the critically important and diverse habitats and ecosystems in Massachusetts. 

BioMap uses the latest data to identify and guide the strategic protection and stewardship of lands and waters that are most important for conserving biodiversity in Massachusetts. BioMap is an online interactive map that’s accompanied by a collection of resources on conservation, habitat restoration, and climate resilience. 

Biomap screenshot

Table of Contents

BioMap Interactive Map

The BioMap interactive map is an interface where students can explore up-to-date biodiversity data and learn about critical habitats and their distributions. Explore the map.   

BioMap interactive map platform


Storymaps are a dynamic webpage format that present information along with images and videos to illustrate key concepts. There are Storymaps that cover the basics of BioMap and how to use BioMap, Core Habitat and Critical Natural Landscape Components, and Habitat Restoration. Explore the BioMap storymaps. 

Storymap screenshot

Fact Sheets

Fact sheets have been developed to provide information about BioMap components. Learn about methods used to develop the components, conservation strategies, as well as current conservation statistics in the Commonwealth. Explore the BioMap fact sheets. 

BioMap fact sheet

Habitat Restoration Resource Center

Over 40% of rare and declining species require active management of their habitats. By browsing BioMap’s habitat management and restoration library, students can learn why habitat management and restoration are important, and about specific practices like invasive species removal and prescribed fire. Explore the Habitat Restoration Resource Center. 

Habitat restoration resource center

Example Activity

This example activity provides background on BioMap, an exercise to practice using the interactive map, and a challenge scenario to illustrate the concept of conservation planning. Educators are encouraged modify this example activity to fit their curricula. 

BioMap Example Activity

Date published: December 20, 2023
Last updated: December 20, 2023

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